Chairman Department of Fine Arts of the Univeristy of Colorado
‘Her talents have been recognized by journals and reviews of her work appropriate to her field. Her work with Plexiglas is highly personal and innovative’

Interior Design
‘The artworks are usable for murals, screens ceilings doors and other interior elements. Some of the most interesting effects are achieved when they are backlighted’

Interiors Magazine
‘In addition to high artistic quality, her work incorporates original techniques of her own development’

Director Boulder Center for the Visual Arts
‘I can evaluate her work against a background of comperative artists. It stands out in both originality as well as technical emminence’

Houser Laboratories U.S.A.
‘Not only does your work show impressive artistic interpretation, but the use of practical, low-cost materials should make it possible to create a new approach to artistry in architecture’


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